Do you have any application and acceptance statistics from previous years?

Selection to The Harvard Academy is very competitive. We welcome applications regardless of nationality or place of graduate study (though normally the language of research is English). The number of Academy Scholars selected each year depends upon the plans of the other Academy Scholars at The Harvard Academy. Each Academy Scholar is awarded four terms of residence, with stipend, at The Harvard Academy. The four terms must be taken within four years of the fall term after the initial selection. Since patterns of attendance change, the number of Harvard Academy Scholars chosen in any selection cohort varies.

Acceptance Numbers from AY2007–2016

  Number of Applicants Number Selected
Fall 2007 246 4
Fall 2008 301 4
Fall 2009 346 5
Fall 2010 329 4
Fall 2011 344 4
Fall 2012 356 5
Fall 2013 512 4
Fall 2014 467 5
Fall 2015 488 5
Fall 2016 716 4

Citizenship of the AY2007–2016 Academy Scholars

US Citizens 37
Non-US Citizens 28